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9 best places to dine in Kochi

11 Jul , 2018  

The ancient city is a paradise for food lovers. When there, check out these famous eateries that serve everything from a French Toast to Biryani


Ashwin Rajagopalan


History and heritage confluences with 21st century affluence at India’s southern city Kochi. An important trade hub on the ancient Silk Route, Kochi was once home to the Portuguese, Dutch and the English. Even today, the spice-trade centre boasts of a variety of cuisines, making it a popular destination not just for the traders, but also for tourists, who visit the city for some sun, sand and sea. BlackBook scouted the streets of Kochi to present to you a list of must-try places. These are worth it!

The colonial connection: Eighth Bastion (a CGH Earth hotel) is a contemporary hotel close to Fort Kochi’s famous Dutch cemetery. It celebrates the city’s Dutch ties and serves some authentic Dutch fare such as the Frikkadel and Gado-gado.

Café trail: Escape to one of Fort Kochi’s many charming cafés. First on our list is the Pepper House. It’s housed in a waterfront heritage building, which was once a spice godown. Second, famous for its French toast, the Kashi Art Café seamlessly merges art objects with its interiors and makes for a perfect setting to invigorate your imagination. If you’d rather dine with Kochi’s millennials, head to French Toast, one of Ernakulam’s chicest cafés and ask for their delectable strawberry and mascarpone cake with fresh coconut. Yum!


French Toast at Kashi Art Café; Kashi Art Café

French Toast at Kashi Art Café; Kashi Art Café


Local flavours: Kochi’s toddy shops are the new hot spots for the city’s gourmands. Luxury cars queue up outside these quintessential local hangouts to try some lip-smacking, south Indian flavours. Mulaparambil serves a delectable fare of sea food and fresh toddy. The Kayees Rahmathulla café, in Mattancherry, serves Kochi’s best biryani with traditional Malabari accompaniments – date chutney and onion raita. Dhe Puttu has reimagined Kerala’s popular breakfast Puttu into a gourmet experience. Don’t miss this one.


Prawn Biryani Puttu at Dhe Puttu

Prawn Biryani Puttu at Dhe Puttu


Go East: Kochi’s newest culinary obsession is Pan-Asian. The emblematic deep-fried chicken in pandanus leaves is worth the trek to Thai Soul at the Grand Hyatt. Nasi and Mee is another entrant to the city’s vibrant food industry. It serves Indonesian style Rending, Iced Milo and Dim Sums.


Nem Keang Sai, a shaved ice dessert at Thai Soul

Nem Keang Sai, a shaved ice dessert at Thai Soul


Lead image: Instagram/ Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty


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