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Need a quick, energising break? Head to the Mews Café

18 Jun , 2018  

A healthy juice or a filling thali; this café has something for everyone, including some peace and quiet


Riddhi Doshi


It’s one of those days when the phone just won’t stop buzzing. Thursday afternoons can be unsettling. A good lunch would help, we thought and decided to try the revamped Mews Café at Taj’s residential property Taj Wellington Mews in Cuffe Parade. It’s now open for their non-residential guests as well.

The cozy space with dark, rich wood interiors contrasted with white and beige sofas can instantly put you at ease. In there, we thought that an Asparagus Cappuccino would be apt to start with. It’s fresh and soothing, just what you need to soothe your nerves and so is the Mixed Beans Mexican Soup with chicken pieces.


The cozy interiors of the café can instantly put one at ease

The cozy interiors of the café can instantly put one at ease


What we absolutely enjoyed though, was the no-frills Chilly Cheese Toast, a comfort food that most cheese lovers vouch for. There’s quite a bit for the health-conscious as well. Iron Man from the spa menu is a heady mix of apple, pear and guava. In the mains, the Spiced Chicken with paprika powder, tomato sauce, quinoa and bell-peppers comes in a pretty setting, but we’d prefer our chicken a little moist.


For tomato lovers: The Tomato Basil soup

For tomato lovers: The Tomato Basil soup


Their classic, gooey sizzling brownie with vanilla ice-cream is the best that we have ever had. That made for a perfect dish to end our mini break. Back to work guys.

What’s more
The café lists the choicest of eggs, breads and buns in their breakfast menu. They also serve roti, sabzi, dal, chawal thali and biryani and pizza.

It could cost you Rs 5,000 on an average for lunch for two people

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