Missed the Mahindra Blues Festival? Catch all the action here

14 Feb , 2018  

Did you see Walter “Wolfman” Washington crank a guitar using just his teeth?


Navneet Mishra


The eighth Mahindra Blues Festival got the city grooving at Mehboob Studios—and then some. There were as many people outside the packed venue as inside, enjoying the music on a faux garden set-up.

Headliner John Mayall, fondly called the Grandfather of British Blues, took things up a level with his multi-tasking—he could play the harmonica, two keyboards, multiple guitars and sing, sometimes all at once. Walter “Wolfman” Washington played a smashing guitar solo using just his teeth. Canadian blues diva Layla Zoe brought the house down with her inimitable style and homeboys Blackstratblues struck the right chords.

Watch the festival highlights here.



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