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Chocolate Day Special: How can you say no to these?

4 Jul , 2018  

Confectioners Sanjana Patel, Toshin Shetty, Graham Hornigold, Bhumika Harwani and Jane and Fabien Mason’s flavourful creations are sure to hit your sweet spot, one bite at a time


Malvika Sah


Chef Sanjana Patel

Founder and Executive Pastry Chef, La Folie Lab, Mumbai






With years of experience spent, first, working with experimenting chefs of UK and France and then receiving a formal education from École Grégoire-Ferrandi, a pastry school, Chef Sanjana, is one of nation’s finest pastry chef. She began her baking journey at 16 and ever since has completed an apprenticeship with Pierre Hermé, followed by stints under master pâtissier Emmanuel Ryon of Café Pouchkine and chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux.

With a come back to a bustling gastronomic scenario of India in 2010, she put years of learning to work with her brand—La Folie Lab, at Kala Ghoda, in Mumbai, which is French for magnificent. “It refers to something wow and spectacular”, says Sanjana.

The place has since become a game changer for its classic recipes with finest ingredients sourced from different parts of the world and its minimalistic food philosophy.


Toshin Shetty

Founder and Pâtissier, TOSHIN, Mumbai







Chef Toshin Shetty began his journey kneading roomali rotis for her mother’s restaurant as a child. He then acquired a professional degree in culinary programmes from Vivanta by Taj Aurangabad, and later from Le Cordon Bleu, London. He is known for his simple, but tasteful top-notch dishes.
With a palate inclined more towards Indian food, his pastries feature an Indianised version of world delicacies. For chocolate lovers, here’s the best part. Most of his chocolates come from Belgium and France, and his dishes come fancied in the coverture chocolates wherein heavenly cocoa butter is supplemented for vegetable fats.


Graham Hornigold

Executive Pastry Chef, Hakkasan (Group), London







At Hakkasan, the culinary style is a balance of sugar, fat and taste. A right equilibrium that complements the palate rather than leaving the mouth feeling too sweet, which also makes this place a food lover haven. Graham Hornigold, who takes pride in this exclusive roundabout of tastes adds, “For us, the dessert has to round-off the flavourful Chinese meal”
On the philosophy of his sweet masterpieces, he confesses of his love for working with chocolate, adding, “For me, it has the same diversity as wine. Just like the environment, type of soil, sunshine and moisture levels affect the grape quality and hence the wine produced, the same factors affect the flavour of the beans”. You should definitely not miss this place when in London.


Bhumika Harwani

Master Chocolatier, Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, Mumbai

Fabelle 1


Fabelle 2


Bhumika Harwani, who began her pastry story at 19, can today be found making delightful flavours, concoctions, pairings and techniques with her scrumptious handcrafted chocolate at ITC Fabelle boutique.
Chocolates at Fabelle are inspired by the bold and distinct characteristics that each cocoa pod carries. They are sourced from around the world and are then carefully curated so that they can be replicated in various forms and textures. She also enjoys working with with fresh oranges, lemons, mint leaves, basil leaves and berries that produce fresh, bold yet comforting flavours to relish natural tastes over artificial extracts.


Jane and Fabien Mason

Founders of Mason & Co, Pondicherry
M 1


M 2




India’s first organic, bean-to-bar chocolate craftsmen, Mason & Co, work closely with organic-certified cacao farmers to source high quality beans to make their products. Produced by the highly skilled all-female staff of their artisan factory in Auroville, Pondicherry, its one of a kind in India.

Explaining their work style, they add, “We follow the bean-to-bar philosophy, which means that every unique step in the chocolate-making process is done by us—the chocolate makers. This allows us to thoroughly develop and celebrate the flavour of the bean as well as have more control over the final product ensuring that no added and unnecessary ingredients are included.”
All dark chocolate is vegan and being a vegan, Jane knows the importance of it. As a raw food chef, her knowledge has helped develop interesting and innovative chocolate flavours and products at Mason & Co.


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