BlackBook reviews the new and exciting Samsung QLED TVs

21 Jun , 2017  

The TV has the capability to reproduce 100 per cent colour volume, to deliver a detailed viewing experience.

By Ashwin Rajagopalan


Product demo videos embedded in a smartphone or TV usually have only one purpose – make you feel good about your purchase. The first videos I watched on Samsung’s 65-inch QLED TV truly blew me away.


Typically, these videos take you to an exotic location or feature multi-coloured objects in their bid to dazzle you. But the first videos I watched on the Q8C featured different tones in the same colour in a single frame – just greens or blacks or reds. It highlighted the TV’s 100 per cent colour volume enhanced by Samsung’s proprietary metal quantum display. It allowed me to tell the difference between leaves in multiple shades of green.


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The incredible HDR range ensures that the picture or video looks brilliant on the TV screen


Samsung has gone to town with its QLED innovation; beyond all the marketing spiel is a product that makes home entertainment more engaging and easier to consume. Think about all those times when you’ve shot a 4K video on your smartphone that looks brilliant on your phone but somewhat jaded once you port it to your TV. It’s unlikely to happen with the Q8C, with its incredible HDR range.


The other irritant is the multiple cables that run from your multiple devices – Apple TV, Set Box all, to your TV. The Q8C offers a near invisible connection from Samsung’s ‘One Connect box’ (where all your connections are plugged in) via a 1.8mm thin optical fibre. Add Samsung’s App store that covers all major casting services like Netflix or Amazon Video and you’re more than covered.


 You can connect multiple devices to the One Connect via an HDMI cable

You can connect multiple devices to the One Connect via an HDMI cable


Samsung’s Smart View allows you to cast from a variety of devices (not just Samsung phones) and I particularly liked the reverse casting option that allows you to share your TV screen on to your mobile screen. I’ve often wondered why more TV manufacturers don’t look at the Apple TV remote for design cues, Samsung’s intuitive ‘One Remote’ is one of the best we’ve seen for a smart TV and keeps things remarkably simple. Samsung’s S8 might be the company’s new poster boy for its infinite display that barely wastes any screen real estate; it’s the same with the Q8C with its bezel-less display.


The movie experience is certainly more immersive. Samsung’s other innovation – the Frame, makes sure your TV won’t fade into black. The Frame’s display quickly morphs into a work of art when you turn off the TV; there are over 100 art pieces to match your room. Samsung offers a choice of flat screen and curved displays for its newest QLED innovation. We’d recommend the more immersive curved display especially if you have a large entertainment den. And if you have about Rs 25 lakhs to spare take the plunge with the 88-inch curved QLED TV. If you’re wondering about the next big thing in television, it’s probably here.


You’ll never have to flip through channels again with Samsung’s intuitive voice controlled One Remote

You’ll never have to flip through channels again with Samsung’s intuitive voice controlled One Remote


The Samsung QLED TV range is priced between Rs 3,14,90 and Rs 24,99,900. 




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