4 must-have labels this summer

7 May , 2018  

A luxury brand designed for millennial Muslims, Shiva-inspired kitschy jewellery, art for your home and 3D footwear—here’s the ultimate lust list for the month


Nisha Shroff


Off the runway: Dolce & Gabbana

Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana’s show at Milan Fashion Week 2018 threw up several surprises. Fashion Devotion, as it was called, had a bunch of flying drones instead of models on the runway, showcasing the brand’s new range of bags encrusted with heart-shaped clasps. Complementing the arm-candies were playful accessories like earrings designed as strawberry tarts, cars, bags and 3D footwear. The collection also featured colourful garments such as sleeveless parka with a zebra-head hood, flirty mini dresses, velvet track pants and silky bomber jackets.


Bold prints: The House of Things


house of things


Wallpapers by artist Tracy Hiner are amongst the many pretty décor pieces that The House of Things, a carefully curated online destination for luxury interiors stocks. The Black Crow Studios, founded by Hiner, specialises in digitally printed custom wall murals, wallpapers, canvases and fine paper prints that push the traditional idea of wallpaper into the realm of art, cheering-up walls in the process.


Beyond the hijab: Seek Refuge


beyond the hijab


Fashion label Seek Refuge, founded by Pakistani-American fashion designer Shazia Ijaz, caters to millennial Muslim women. Born and raised in Michigan, the 25-year old designer says, “There were no brands that appealed to Muslim women who practice different levels of modesty. I bridged this gap.” The first capsule collection includes oversized graphic t-shirts; The No Nazr hoodie with extra-long bell sleeves (nazr means evil eye in Urdu and Hindi); and a cool oversized denim jacket covered with a poem by a Syrian refugee and handwritten by a Muslim calligrapher in Arabic script. Meticulously designed to be both modest and stylish, it features carefully selected Turkish denim, branded vintage copper buttons, and subtle distressing. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the collection will go to refugee aid.


Bling it on: Shiva Collection by Tribe by Amrapali




There is jewellery inspired by India’s spiritual core. Then there are jewels designed by Amrapali, the Jaipur-based brand, which has taken spirituality inspired jewellery to a whole new level. This Shiva collection is drawn from the tandav-dancing God’s tribal roots. The beautiful pieces have Shaivite symbols and even Indus Valley iconography— from the gorgeous Nandi earrings to a beautiful neckpiece.


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